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Production Process

From trading silk sarees for useful household items to our PeaceCrafters lovingly hand-packing your unique products, we take you through the entire production process that empowers every PeaceCrafter along the way.

Ethical + Sustainable + Crafted for Peace


In rural India, women make their living by trading cooking utensils and other household items for old or unwanted sarees. These sarees are made of beautiful silk patterns and are mostly in very good condition so these traders are then able to sell the sarees to help provide for their family.


Our PeaceCrafters then test all the available sarees to ensure they are in very good condition. All sarees are washed and mended where needed to ensure that the intricate designs and border details are kept intact and are perfect in every saree.


All sarees are then separated by colour and are paired with complementary and matching coloured sarees. This is where the PeaceCrafters decide what product each saree would be suitable for depending on it’s design and any special details.


Each saree is cut up to make multiple different products. The PeaceCrafters make it their priority to use up every piece of the saree that they can to ensure there is no wastage of each recycled silk saree.


Multiple patterns in the same colour are sewn together in our Golconda centre to create beautiful designs. Every PeaceCrafter is responsible for the quality of their sewing and we continually provide training to advance each PeaceCrafters skills.


Some pieces are finished with hand-embroidered details and hand-stitched patches by our PeaceCrafters.


Each piece is checked very carefully by our center coordinator, Shaheda, where she determines if the product is good enough to sell. If the product is rejected, the PeaceCrafters cut it up and use the material for another product so that no material is wasted.


Our products are packed and shipped by our PeaceCrafters to bring you a little joy knowing that you have helped empower and protect women against domestic violence and human trafficking.

Crafted for Peace

Shop peacefully knowing that each product helps protect against human trafficking, domestic violence and protects the planet.

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Your donations make it possible for us to give women and girls the choice to live a life free from violence and exploitation.

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