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My Choices is dedicated to giving women and children choices to live a life free from abuse and the threat of human trafficking. Therefore, we have trained a group of women in Golconda, Hyderabad to create beautiful silk products to empower them with the skills to earn a living in a safe environment. These women are our PeaceCrafters.


“My father is a laborer and we have many financial problems. When my sister got married, we had to take a big loan to pay for the wedding, so I had to stop school to help my family pay off our debt. I have dreams of becoming a police officer so that I can help women in my community. I am so happy at My Choices Foundation because our production manager is like a mother to me and I can earn money to get my education and live my dreams.”


“When my husband passed away of a heart attack it was very difficult for me to care for my 5 children. Now that I am working at My Choices Foundation I can support my family and send my children to school. My children are doing well and some have already completed their university degrees, with one wanting to become a heart specialist to stop other people from dying of heart related issues. Thank you, My Choices Foundation!”


“Before I started working here, we had lots of financial problems and it was a difficult time for our family. My mother had to work very hard as a domestic worker to support us all. Since I have been working here, I can now contribute to our income and my mother doesn’t need to work so hard anymore. I have made many friends here and this makes me so happy! I am so grateful to work at My Choices Foundation!”


“Working here has helped solve my financial problems because now I can support my family. They have also helped me by making me feel very safe, as it is a center just for ladies where we all support each other. It helps so many women get the help they need for all sorts of troubles. I pray that it will never close and will help many more women forever. Thank you, My Choices Foundation!”


“I am the cutting master at the centre. I have learned so many things since I started working here. In the centre, all the women are one family. We share all the good and bad things happening in our lives. We share jokes and family problems and help solve them together. Our center coordinator does a great job! She is always teaching us new skills and encourages us to pursue our talents so that we can enjoy our work more.”


“One of my daughters is disabled. My husband died and there was no one to help me care for her while earning money to live. Since working at My Choices Foundation, my heart is happy because I am able to share all my problems with the other PeaceCrafters. My hours are flexible, so I can still care for my daughter. I pray that the center will be here for a long time so that it can help so many other women, like me.”


“My parents are separated because my father was abusive to us, so now my mother has to support us. It is better this way but my mother also has heart problems so I want to help her. Therefore, I am in training with the PeaceCrafters so that I can learn to sew and make products so that I can help my mother. All the other women are very inspiring. I feel so happy to be working at My Choices Foundation.”


“Before working here, my family had many financial problems and it was tough for us. Now that I am working here, I feel so happy because all the PeaceCrafters work together and share our problems with each other. I have made so many great friendships here and my life is full of happiness. Because of my work at My Choices Foundation I am able to earn a sufficient wage and provide for my family.”

Meet Lakshmi

“My mother works hard as a cook in others’ homes. She feels bad that she has to spend so much time cooking for other people instead of looking after her own family. That is why I started working for My Choices Foundation so that my mother doesn’t have to work so hard. I made so many friends at the center and I learned so many things. Working here has made me so happy and has made my family happy too!”


“I have been working at My Choices Foundation for the last 5 years. I have learned so many things like stitching bags, making embellished fabric and colour matching. It’s a great experience for me! My Choices Foundation has also taught me a lot about women’s rights. I hope that all the women can have the opportunity, as I have had, to live a great life. Thank you to My Choices Foundation for this program!”

Meet Sahana

“My father had arranged a marriage for me to a much older man. On the day of the wedding, we found out he had been married before, so the wedding was cancelled. The expenses my father had invested in was so big that it was difficult for our family. Since I started working for My Choices Foundation, I have been able to contribute to our family income and pay back our debt, which has made me happy.”

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