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We are committed to stopping domestic violence and sex trafficking. We’ve come a long way, but there’s more to do.

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Every day, we’re working to give women and girls the choice of freedom. These are some of their stories.

Ayesha’s story


“I was married when I was 12 years old, then faced abuse for 12 years. My husband used to drink and have violent outbursts, beating me and literally throwing our children around. Finally, when a PeaceMaker came to my community, I realized my life could be different. It took 5-6 counseling sessions before my husband started to change, but he finally did! He used to come to counseling sessions drunk, so it took a while to make progress. He went to rehab, and understands that his drinking was killing our family’s future. Now, my husband, my 4 children and I are 10/10 happy!

I have one word of advice for other families facing these things: Go! Get rid of abuse! ” – Ayesha Begum

Red Alert Community story


In the last year 400 girls have gone missing from one village –Odlabari Jalpijguri, West Bengal. 150 of these were reported, while the others were not pursued because a family member was involved in the case and the relatives don’t want to ruin their lives. In this village, Operation Red Alert is working with local NGO Doars Express and the SSB (Special Service Bureau’s Lead Intelligence Agency on the Indo-Nepal and Bhutan borders) to educate families and young girls on trafficking. Both Doars Express and the SSB are lead agents in the rescue of trafficked girls, but need support to work towards the prevention of trafficking. Together, we are reaching more families and building a more robust prevention-rescue network to keep girls safe!

Impact and Research reports

Operation PeaceMaker Impact Report

The best snapshot of our work and impact. Learn how many PeaceMakers are in the field and how many hours they have logged, what kind of counselling we are providing, what our case flow looks like and so much more. This is not just an in depth look at what we do. It also provides insights into the kind of help survivors want, and how transformation is taking place.

3 Pillars of Operation Red Alert

The Operation Red Alert 3 Pillar approach is based on 18 months of research based on in field needs assessments, NGO partnerships, and a first of its kind behavioral study. Learn more in this 4 page document.

Final Mile Research Report

This research report is the foundation of Operation Red Alert's approach to speaking to families and key stakeholders about trafficking of young girls. It is a landmark paper with first of its kind insights into the compulsions behind the behaviour of men on the supply and demand sides of trafficking. Commissioned by Operation Red Alert, the research was conducted by the Behavioural Architects of Final Mile, Mumbai.

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