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Watch a collection of our favourite videos on our cause and work.

Campaign Favourites

Watch our most impactful campaign videos. We’ll let them speak for themselves.

Respect2Protect | Team India’s Cricketers Pledge to Respect Women!

What can protect women and girls? These men believe it’s simple. When women and girls are respected, their protection is automatic and guaranteed.

AB de Villiers will Respect2Protect!

The world’s greatest batsman makes a solidarity pledge with India because violence against women and girls is bigger than South Africa vs. India.

PeaceCrafter Program | Peace-In-The-Making

The PeaceCrafter Program is a part of My Choices Foundation’s efforts to make the Operation Peacemaker program self-sustainable. We create beautiful, 100% silk apparel from traditional Indian Saris. Each product sale goes directly to pay our PeaceCrafter (seamstress) salaries and support the PeaceMaker Program.

Operation PeaceMaker Favourites

Meet a PeaceMaker and watch a Counsellor in the field.

Meet Salma | PeaceMaker Stories

Salma was one of the very first PeaceMakers. Like many of our PeaceMakers, she faced and overcame abuse at home to become a compassionate and powerful agent of change in her own community.

My Rights | Your Tool For Education

Go with Senior Counsellor Pearl Choragudi into rural Telangana and listen to her talk about the impact of knowing your rights.

My Choices Foundation was an early developer on the Free Basics platform through the development of a resource called My Rights. My Rights is a multi-language tool for women, girls and families to find information on domestic violence, child sexual abuse and human trafficking. The tool provides information through common Q&As, and links users to tangible help for the issues they face.

Operation Red Alert Favourites

Learn more about the cause, and see the latest video from the field.

Awareness Program at the Sammakka Sarakka Jatara 2016!

This is the largest gathering of human beings in the world with over 10 million people in one place for one week of festivities. Operation Red Alert partnered with police and another NGO to run awareness events and distribute educational flyers on trafficking at this year’s Jatara. Our efforts were well received with families thanking us for our help and police affirming that we were likely impeding the plans of traffickers to kidnap children from the event.

Why Red Alert | Human Trafficking and Forced Sexual Slavery in India.

Hear real survivors speak about the reality of trafficking, and our team share why we all must be on Red Alert!

Meet bhavani | Real stories of trafficking

Bhavani’s story is sadly typical of how trafficking takes place in India. She and her family were tricked by a trafficker who her aunty vouched for. Her life was never the same.

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