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Ethical + Sustainable + Crafted for Peace. With each purchase, 100% of the proceeds empower and protect vulnerable women and children from domestic violence and human trafficking.

Impact of our products


My Choices Foundation trains and provides jobs for women living in vulnerable circumstances in Hyderabad, India. Most of the women working in our PeaceCrafter centre in Golconda have never had any formal training and have had limited job opportunities. We provide them with a safe place to work, a means to provide for their families and economic independence, which gives them choices to live free from violence, abuse and exploitation.


Nearly 50% of Indian women experience violence in their own homes. Over 50% of men, women, boys and girls believe that this is normal. When you buy one of our products, you are supporting the work of Operation PeaceMaker which provides counselling, legal advice and other support services to give choices to victims of domestic violence. Through our work, we have been able to impact thousands of lives and help shape cultures to create peaceful homes to end domestic violence.


Every 3 minutes an Indian girl is sold into sex slavery. The average age of these girls is 12 and only 1% of them are ever rescued. When you buy one of our products, you help protect against human trafficking by supporting our Operation Red Alert teams to educate those that are exposed to the threat of human trafficking and empower them to protect themselves and their communities.


At My Choices Foundation, we believe that to make a real impact, we need women and girls to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and pledge to protect each other and their community from the threat of human trafficking. When you buy our products, you are supporting our Guardian Girl Initiative to educate and empower young women to protect themselves and each other so that no girl in the community is at risk of being trafficked.


Our PeaceCrafter products are made from recycled silk sarees that have been traded in rural areas for other, more useful, household items. This trading system is a way for many women to earn a living and My Choices supports them by purchasing beautiful recycled sarees. Every woman in our Golconda Sewing Centre has also been trained to use each saree as effectively as possible to ensure that that we reduce our impact on the environment at every stage of the production process.


Each PeaceCrafter product is made with love by our PeaceCrafters in our Golconda Sewing Centre, in Hyderabad. The well-being, safety, and rights of every PeaceCrafter is at the fore-front of everything we do. It is also a priority for us to continuously up-skill all PeaceCrafters so that they can improve their skills and advance their craft.

Stop domestic violence and create meaningful change in womens' lives with their local communities.

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A united voice to end large scale sex-trafficking in India by 2025.

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Crafted for Peace

Shop peacefully knowing that each product helps protect against human trafficking, domestic violence and protects the planet.

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Your donations make it possible for us to give women and girls the choice to live a life free from violence and exploitation.

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