My Choices Foundation

TEDx Talk: An Army of
Good Fathers

How do we end violence against women and girls, and how do we make allies out of men and boys? To learn more about what My Choices Foundation is doing to include men and boys in the army fighting to end violence against women and girls, watch Elca’s TEDxHyderabad talk.

Social Good and Entrepreneurship: The best of both worlds

Increasingly, Social Entrepreneurship is being recognized for the fantastic dedication, skill, and innovation it takes to be successful. It takes all the business savvy and grit of running a successful start-up, plus the passion and dedication to overcome the obstacles unique to setting out to achieve “for good” outcomes.

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Why getting onboard with crowdfunding platforms is a good idea

Long before digital fundraising platforms were invented (or the internet for that matter), Indians had their own systems of ‘giving’, from donating to temples, to organising food for the homeless or sharing spare coins with someone in need. So, you might be thinking, if we’re already good at ‘giving’, why do we need to get onboard with crowdfunding platforms?

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12-year-old saved from forced marriage

Operation Red Alert has successfully saved a 12-year-old girl from entering a forced child marriage scheduled to occur on 20 April 2016, in a small village called Racharla, Pentapadu Mandal, Alampuram in Andhra Pradesh.

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We Won! Award for Women Empowerment through Social Media.

This is our second award for our digital campaigning, and a prized accolade. There were 266 entries from 8 countries, narrowed down to 66 finalists in 10 categories. In our category, there were amazing 9 finalists and 3 winners. We were acknowledged for our consistent campaigning to end domestic violence and child sex trafficking.

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