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Senior Counsellor

You will be the head counsellor for an Operation PeaceMaker Counselling Centre, responsible for client care and mentorship of other members of the Counselling Team.

As Senior Counsellor, you will join the Counsellor Team for a specific Counselling Centre location and help lead in best practices. You will manage your own case load of clients consisting of domestic abuse victims as well as victims of other gender-based abuse, violence or exploitation. You will offer guidance to PeaceMakers (field workers) to help them identify and care for their own cases, and to ensure that they follow the protocols of the Counselling Team.


  • Manage Counselling case load of clientele made up of victims of domestic abuse and other gender-based violence.
  • Offer guidance for the emotional recovery of victims of abuse, as well as guidance for conflict resolution and legal action if required and wanted.
  • Mentor PeaceMakers (field workers) on their cases and field work.
  • Help lead the Counselling Team at your designated Counselling Centre.
  • Manage all case and client data resulting from your individual case load and that of the PeaceMakers working under your mentorship.

  • You are deeply empathetic and drawn to Operation PeaceMaker’s vision of empowering every woman and girl with the choice to life free from abuse, violence or exploitation.
  • You have an internal balance of empathy and emotional strength. You have a softness that makes you emotionally receptive and empathetic, but are also emotionally mature and able to handle the difficult nature of your cases.
  • You love people. You are passionate about seeing people become the best version of themselves, even when they don’t believe in themselves.
  • You believe that men are part of the SOLUTION, not just “perpetrators” or “villains”.
  • You believe that women and girls have the right to equal opportunity for education, work, and marriages of their choice.
  • You are energized by helping your team do their best work. You’re not biased towards your own ideas, but instead you’re deeply invested in people’s success and enjoy watching their ideas come to life.
  • 5+ years of experience in counselling, psycho therapy or equivalent skill. 
  • Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
  • Education:


  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Postgraduate

  • M.S./M.A. Psychology
  • M.D. Psychiatry

    You are passionate about building confidence
    You that change begins with the belief that things can change. You are good at finding the good in others and the good in their circumstance and helping them see it too.

    You love solving conflict
    Conflict is never something we enjoy, but you have a special gift for finding solutions and paving a way forward. You know how to keep situations calm, even in the midst of arguments. You are not inclined to being biased, and always make sure you understand both sides of a story before making recommendations.

    You aren’t afraid of adding to your skills
    You look forward to opportunities to expand your skills and learn new systems. You won’t mind learning how to use our robust data management system or latest workflow management technology. As long as you have good training support, you’re excited to try new things.

    You love learning
    You embrace every learning opportunity, and are dedicated to self-improvement. You will love reading and staying up to date with news and best practices in the counselling and women protection field.


    This opportunity is for those located in the Hyderabad / Secunderabad area only.

    To apply, send your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected].

  • Title your email “Application for [Job Title] by [Your Name]”
  • Ensure both CV / Resume and Cover Letter are included.
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